Note to self: The importance of scientific IP

Looking forward, I believe that the definition of "business as usual" is changing. The reason being that many of the previous generation's assumptions and boundary conditions are no longer valid.

Perhaps most important, the responsible development of solutions to the world's largest problems (e.g. energy, water, agriculture, climate change etc.) can't be solved using a siloed approach where policy, technology, and economic stakeholders all pursue separate paths. At the same time, when there is co-ordination between the three, it has to not be influenced by "special interests".

This is why I believe that platforms like Microryza have to exist. Microryza is a crowdfunding platform that enables researchers to raise money for a research project by looking to the "crowd". Creating access to larger funding markets is only one of the benefits of platforms like this. This platform also serves as a common ground to allow for the average person to directly and openly interact, contribute and get educated on scientific issues of interest with the perspective of the experts.

There is and has always been a gold mine of IP and knowledge tucked away at our academic institutions. It's time to open it up and provide a way for people to get informed—empowering the general public by giving them a chance to make a decision for themselves regarding what issues they want to support. This way, they don't rely entirely on government or corporations to make important decisions about our future, or keeping the promises that they make in the good times.

Rebooting our economy and getting out of the great recession starts with innovation and new ideas. "Growth" will happen if we co-ordinate around solving the complicated issues facing our generation and pursue change in an accepted reality where new assumptions and boundary conditions exist.